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  • 40min Free Flow (FLOW)

    Prop: Chair (make-shift barre)
    Kelsey teaches a fun, propless Free Flow class that incorporates all the best elements of Barre, Pilates Mat and Active Flexibility. All you need is your make-shift barre, some open space and 40 minutes to fully connect in with your body. Enjoy!

  • 60min LIVE Free Flow (FLEX)

    Props: Barre, Sliders and Hand weights
    This LIVE recorded class taught by Kelsey is a burner! In her signature Free Flow class, sliders and hand weights are used to amp up the sculpt and the fun. Barre, Pilates and active flexibility components make up this 60 minute, full body class.

  • 15min Advanced Core (FLEX + FOCUS)

    Props: Fitball (or rolled up towel)
    This express class targets the deep core muscles using a fit ball or rolled up towel. Kelsey puts a twist on Classic Pilates mat work to create this accelerated class, which is great to combine with another focused express class.

  • 15min Express Arms (FOCUS)

    Props: Hand weights
    If you are looking for a quick, arm focused session this is the class for you! Karen uses hand weights to target all muscles of the arm, and also sneaks in some stretching and balance work too.

  • 45min Pilates Mat (FLEX + FLOW)

    Props: Hand weights
    Karen guides you through an accelerated Pilates Mat class that includes use of hand weights for an added toning element. The class starts standing then eventually makes its way down to the floor and is a fluid combination of traditional mat work mixed with more fitness focused...

  • 40min Pilates Mat + Cardio (FLEX)

    Join Kelsey for an accelerated Pilates Mat class with bursts of cardio intervals added throughout the session. This is a full body workout with no props needed. Be prepared to sweat and have fun with the challenge!

  • LIVE 45min Free Flow (FLEX + FLOW)

    Props: hand weights, fitball, barre (countertop or chair)
    Kelsey’s signature Free Flow class is a dynamic combination of Pilates, barre and active stretching. This is a fun, full body class that will leave you feeling accomplished and a little sweaty at the end.

  • 40min LIVE Pilates Mat (FLOW)

    **No props needed for this class
    Join Joanna for a previously recorded livestream class that is the perfect mix of deep core work, juicy stretching and classic Pilates mat movements.

  • 20min Pilates Mat (FLEX + FLOW)

    Props: Hand weights
    Joanna teaches a full body, but very ab focused 20min class. Hand weights are a plus, but not necessary to still feel the burn in this class!

  • 20min Pilates Mat (EXPAND + FLOW)

    Props: Foam Roller
    This class is the perfect combo of stretch and Pilates! Joanna creatively uses the foam roller to access the core and release the body in this 20min class.

  • 10min Standing Warm-up (FOCUS)

    This standing sequence taught by Joanna is a great warm-up to combine with a more core focused Pilates mat class to get a thorough full-body workout in, or do alone if you are short on time and want to focus on lower body and balance.

  • 20min Pre/Post-Natal Chair Workout (FOCUS + FLOW)

    Props: Fitball and Hand Weights
    Diana teaches a prenatal/postpartum friendly class that can also be done seated if more support is needed.

  • 15min Pilates Mat Warm Up (FOUNDATION + FOCUS)

    Kelsey teaches a foundational Pilates mat warm-up that is great for those new to the method or anyone wanting to brush up on the basics. Regardless of level, you are guaranteed to feel the deep core work by the end of the session.

  • 23min Pilates Mat (FOUNDATION)

    Props: Magic Circle
    Kelsey teaches a quick full body mat class that is great for beginners or those looking for a slower paced class that still works those deep intrinsic muscles Pilates is known for.

  • 20min Core Flow (FOCUS + FLOW)

    Marlys of Ara Pilates in Palm Desert shares a core focused class that incorporates components of classic Pilates Mat work with functional core strengthening movements.

  • 20min Posture Prescription (FOCUS + FLEX)

    Props: Fitball & hand weights
    Join Marlys owner of Ara Pilates in Palm Desert in a posture focused class. Don’t be swayed by the name, this class brings a burn and includes weighted upper body work guaranteed to strengthen the arms and upper back. This class is great for those who might spend a l...

  • 30min Pilates Mat (FLEX)

    Props: Hand weights + chair
    Marlys, owner of Ara Pilates in Palm Desert, teaches a primarily standing and quadruped, non-traditional Pilates mat class that combines isometric and controlled movements with dynamic movements for a full body, strengthening class.

  • 15min Full Body Flow (FLOW)

    Props: Magic Circle
    Marlys, owner of Ara Pilates in Palm Desert, teaches an express full body class that uses the sculpting addition of the magic circle. This class is recommended for those looking for a quick, full body focused class with a little extra burn.

  • 27min Pilates Mat (FLEX)

    Props: Hand weights
    Kelsey teaches a primarily standing and quadruped, non-traditional Pilates mat class that has a theme of rotation throughout the 27 minute session.

  • 20min Pilates Mat (FOUNDATION)

    Props: Fitball
    Kelsey leads you through a foundational Pilates mat class using the fit ball. This class is great for those new to the method or those wanting to slow it down and refine their technique.

  • 20min Pilates Mat (FLEX)

    Props: Hand weights
    Jessica, owner of Vessel Pilates in Texas, leads you through a toning 20 minute class, creatively using hand weights to strengthen both upper and lower body.

  • 25min Pilates Mat (FLOW)

    Kelsey teaches a core and booty focused Pilates Mat Flow that incorporates classical Pilates mat elements with layers of challenging sequences; a great mid-level class.

  • 15min Free Flow (FLOW)

    Jessica, owner of Vessel Pilates in Texas, guides you through a 15 minute Pilates, barre, yoga fusion. Great for those short of time and wanting to feel the work, but also get a deep stretch.

  • 15min Slider Sequence (FLEX)

    Props: Sliders (if you don’t have sliders at home you can use washcloths on hard surfaced floors and paper plates on carpet)
    Joanna teaches an accelerated class using the sliders to sculpt and tone the whole body. She also includes active flexibility movements to lengthen areas that were targeted...