Our Stretch Collection is comprised of classes including active stretching, restorative movement, and breath work. Learn to connect deeper with your body, nourish yourself and allow your body to renew. Small props such as foam rollers, therabands or release balls are commonly used in these classes. Check out the class title and choose your method of release for the day.

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  • Breath to Body: Hip Connect and Restore (30min)

    Kelsey guides you through a 30 minute class that helps you to connect to your hips and spine, and restore mobility through the joints within the hip/spine complex. As always with B2B classes you start and finish with guided breath work that builds lung capacity and helps to regulate your nervous ...

  • Breath to Body : Down-Regulate (Neck & Low Back Release)

    This 25 minute class hyper-focuses on releasing tension in the neck and low-back while incorporating breath work techniques at the beginning and end. Wind down or start your day with this session!

  • 15min. Active Flexibility Flow (FLOW)

    Kelsey teaches an express active flexibility class that can be performed anywhere. This class is great to do before or after a workout, or even after a long day of travel. Enjoy the juiciness!

  • 15min Lower Body Foam Roll - Part 2 (EXPAND)

    Props: Foam Roller
    Part 2 of the two part series, upper and lower body foam rolling with Rachel, is focused all on the lower body. Rachel helps to gently release and lubricate the glutes, hips, hamstrings and quads in this session.

  • 13min Upper Body Foam Roll - Part 1 (EXPAND)

    Props: Foam Roller
    In this 2 part foam rolling series, Rachel guides you through a juicy upper body series that releases the neck, shoulders and upper back.

  • 20min Pilates Mat Flow (EXPAND)

    Joanna leads you through a restorative flow that places emphasis on elongating the body, but per Joanna style, she still manages to sneak in some functional core work.

  • 30min. Chair Stretch (EXPAND)

    Props: Chair
    Kelsey guides you through a restorative full length stretch class that can be easily done at your desk for a proper midday break.

  • 30min Restorative Stretch Flow (EXPAND)

    Join Kelsey for a juicy, full body Restorative Stretch Flow. This class pays extra attention to stretching the inner thighs and creating more mobility to the mid-back. Enjoy!

  • 12min Upper Body Stretch (EXPAND)

    Release shoulder and neck tension with this express class that can be easily done from the comfort of your work desk or dining char. This class can be used as a break durning the day to alleviate stress that builds up in the upper body.

  • 12min Stress Relief (EXPAND)

    This express session is all about the wind down and is mellow enough to be done from the comfort of your bed. This is ideal after a long stressful day or as you prepare to head to sleep at night. Enjoy!

  • 25min Restorative Stretch (EXPAND)

    Prop: Chair
    Rachel guides you through a restorative class that focuses on opening up the hips and shoulders. You can use this class as a feel good break after spending too much time seated at your desk.

  • 15min Active Flexibility (EXPAND)

    Kelsey guides you through a full body active flexibility sequence where much of the session is done from a quadruped position. Hips, hamstrings, shoulders and feet all are fluidly lengthened in this class.

  • 15min Active Flexibility (EXPAND)

    Join Karen for a juicy mobility class that serves as a fantastic cool down after a hard workout or hard day at work. Enjoy!

  • 20min Pilates Mat (EXPAND + FLOW)

    Props: Foam Roller
    This class is the perfect combo of stretch and Pilates! Joanna creatively uses the foam roller to access the core and release the body in this 20min class.

  • 15min Hip & Hamstring Stretch (EXPAND + FOCUS)

    Props: Theraband
    In this focused stretch session Kelsey uses a theraband to assist in the release and mobility of her hips and hamstrings. This is a great session to do alone if you are looking to wind down from a long day sitting, or incorporate it as a cool down after a hard workout.

  • 15min Sidebody Stretch & Strength (FOCUS + EXPAND)

    This juicy sequence taught by Kelsey focuses on the lateral line (the whole sidebody, from the lats, obliques to glutes) and is a great combination of muscle activation and deep stretching of this ever important area that often gets overlooked.

  • 23min Active Flexibility (FLOW)

    If you are looking for a good stretch, but would still like to get your blood moving join Kelsey for this 23 minute class. You will fluidly move through each stretch instead of holding poses statically, which is great for joint mobility and flow.

  • 20min Restorative Release (FOUNDATION)

    Props: Chair
    Rachel teaches a restorative class that is ideal for those looking to get a reprieve from sitting at a desk for a long duration that focuses on neck and shoulder release.

  • 23min Standing Foam Roller Flow (FLOW)

    Props: Foam roller and wall
    Join Rachel for a posture focused class that incorporates the use of a foam roller and a free wall. This class is great for those who are looking to work on their posture and free up their body!

  • 17min Lower Body Foam Rolling (FOCUS)

    Props: Foam Roller
    Jessica, owner of Vessel Pilates in Texas, leads you through a lower body focused foam rolling session that is great to do before a run, long hike or cardio - and can definitely be done on it’s own if you are in need of a good lower body release.

  • 35min Foam Rolling + Core (FLOW)

    Props: Foam Roller
    Jessica, owner of Vessel Pilates in Texas, teaches a juicy class that combines the realigning benefits of fascial release on the foam roller, plus creative core work to strengthen the abs.

  • 25min Gentle Pilates Mat (FOUNDATION)

    Diana leads you through a 25 min gentle mat class that is postpartum friendly and great for beginners of those wanting to slow it down and treat their bodies kindly.

  • 12min Active Flexibility (EXPAND)

    Kelsey guides you through a quick full body stretch that will keep you moving through each movement, focusing on form and mobility. Rotation, lateral side bending and flexion/extension are all included throughout this class - working full ranges of motion.

  • 30min Foam Rolling Release (FLOW)

    Props: Foam roller
    Karen teaches a creative foam rolling class that offers up a full body release. Take 30 minutes away from your desk and give back to yourself with this class!