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  • 25min Pilates Mat Flow (FOUNDATION)

    Join Rachel for this beginner mat class that translates the foundational core work into bridging and plank series. True to Rachel style, also expect good release work throughout the session. No props needed for this class.

  • 18min Pilates Mat Flow (FOUNDATION)

    Joanna guides you through an introduction to Pilates Mat with a focus on the fundamentals like breath and spinal alignment, but in true Joanna style, deep core connection and atheticism. No props needed for this class!

  • 18min Pilates Mat Flow (FOUNDATION)

    Becky teachers this Foundational Pilates mat class in her own unique style - lots of focus on the core and spinal articulation. No props needed!

  • 30min Free Flow (FLEX & FLOW)

    Props: Makeshift Barre, hand weights, sliders
    Kelsey leads you through a fun, prop filled Free Flow class that incorporates all your favorite elements of barre, Pilates and yoga. In 30 minutes you will get a full body burn and feel empowered to face your day!

  • 12min Express Core Flex (FLEX)

    This accelerated paced Express Flex Class is guaranteed to get your blood flowing and core fired up. Kelsey teaches a non-traditional sequence that involves a lot of time spent on all fours. If you have wrist issues or pain with planking please modify.

  • 10min Express Core Flow (FLOW)

    Kelsey flows through a level 2 core focused mat class that incorporates a creative twist on classic Pilates mat movements.

  • 15min Foundational Core (FOUNDATION)

    Join Kelsey as she guides you through an Express Pilates Mat Basics class where you will connect breath to deep abdominal work. This a great for beginners and those wanting to reconnect with Pilates Principles.

  • 10min Breath + Alignment (FOUNDATION)

    This tutorial led by Kelsey is ideal for those brand new to Pilates or those wanting a refresher on the foundations of the Pilates practice. Kelsey walks you through how to find neutral spine and neutral pelvis and incorporate breath work into each movement. A foam roller is used in this session,...

  • 20min Pilates Mat Flow (FLEX)

    Joanna teaches a fun, strength base mat class that is core focused that is sure to build heat and leave you feeling strong and connected by the end.

  • 20min Pilates Mat Flow (EXPAND)

    Joanna leads you through a restorative flow that places emphasis on elongating the body, but per Joanna style, she still manages to sneak in some functional core work.

  • 15min. Pilates Mat Flow (FLOW)

    Props: Chair
    Join Kelsey for an Express Pilates Mat Flow using just a chair. This quick class is ab focused and an easy option for a workout from home.

  • 15min. Glute Activation (FOCUS)

    Props: Resistance Loop
    This class is a great Express session focused on glute activation and pelvic stability. If you are looking to strengthen your hips is an effective way join Kelsey for this class.

  • 30min. Hip, Knee and Glute Stability (FOCUS)

    Props: Theraband and Foam Roller
    Rachel leads a focused class inspired by her many students who are looking for extra knee and hip stability. This is great for those who are rehabbing these specific areas or those simple looking to safely strengthen these very important joints.

  • 15min. Pilates Mat Flow (FLOW)

    Props: Theraband
    This express class with Rachel is a great add on session post-cardio or after finishing any other workout, but are looking for a little bit more abs, arms and stretching. It’s quick and effective, and a great finisher!

  • 20min. Pilates Mat Flow (FOCUS & FLOW)

    Prop: Yoga Block
    Becky teaches a balanced focused Pilates based mat class that incorporates the use of a yoga block through the duration of the class. This creative class will keep you on your toes, literally and figuratively. Enjoy!

  • 15min Express Arms (FOCUS)

    Props: Hand Weights
    Kelsey leads you through an express arm focused class that includes a fun variation on a classical reformer Pilates sequence. If you are looking to target the whole upper body, this class is for you!

  • 28min Pilates Mat Flow (FLEX)

    Becky leads you through a ring-focused Pilates Mat Flow that is sure to get you feeling the burn in all the right places!

  • 25min Pilates Mat Flow (FLOW)

    Becky joins the Move With On-Demand teaching staff and teaches a lovely, level 1/2 Pilates Mat Flow that is a great combination of both strength and stretch.

  • 20min Free Flow (FLEX)

    Kelsey guides you through a quick and effective Free Flow class, sans accessories or barre. All you need is open space and a mat and the mental preparation to get a full body workout done in 20 minutes. Build heat and feel the burn!

  • 25min Pilates Mat Flow (FLOW)

    Join Kelsey in a level 2, accelerated Mat class that starts by building core strength then flows into a fun rotation bridge sequence into sidebody work hits both the glutes and obliques. This is a fun, flowy class Move With is known for!

  • 30min Pilates Mat Flow (FLOW)

    Rachel guides you through a level 2 flow with an emphasis on the side body. This class incorporates a lovely mix of both toning and releasing elements that will leave you feeling stronger and more connected to your body.

  • 15min Accelerated Core (FOCUS)

    All abs! Joanna targets all of your abs in this express class. You will transition between classic Pilates based core work to functional plank and side lying variations.

  • 23min Pilates Mat Flow (FLEX + FLOW)

    Prop: Magic Circle
    Joanna guides you through a toning full body class that includes standing balance and deep core work.

  • 15min Lateral Line Strength (FOCUS + FLOW)

    This side-body focused class with Kelsey incorporates moves like Mermaid and Side Bend to strengthen the shoulders, lats, obliques, outer hips and glutes. This is a great class to do if you are short on time and looking to target a specific area.