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Watch this video and more on Move With On-Demand

15min. Glute Activation (FOCUS)

Pilates • 15m

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  • 30min. Hip, Knee and Glute Stability ...

    Props: Theraband and Foam Roller
    Rachel leads a focused class inspired by her many students who are looking for extra knee and hip stability. This is great for those who are rehabbing these specific areas or those simple looking to safely strengthen these very important joints.

  • 15min. Pilates Mat Flow (FLOW)

    Props: Theraband
    This express class with Rachel is a great add on session post-cardio or after finishing any other workout, but are looking for a little bit more abs, arms and stretching. It’s quick and effective, and a great finisher!

  • 20min. Pilates Mat Flow (FOCUS & FLOW)

    Prop: Yoga Block
    Becky teaches a balanced focused Pilates based mat class that incorporates the use of a yoga block through the duration of the class. This creative class will keep you on your toes, literally and figuratively. Enjoy!