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  • 25min Pilates Mat (FLOW)

    Kelsey teaches a core and booty focused Pilates Mat Flow that incorporates classical Pilates mat elements with layers of challenging sequences; a great mid-level class.

  • 15min Free Flow (FLOW)

    Jessica, owner of Vessel Pilates in Texas, guides you through a 15 minute Pilates, barre, yoga fusion. Great for those short of time and wanting to feel the work, but also get a deep stretch.

  • 15min Slider Sequence (FLEX)

    Props: Sliders (if you don’t have sliders at home you can use washcloths on hard surfaced floors and paper plates on carpet)
    Joanna teaches an accelerated class using the sliders to sculpt and tone the whole body. She also includes active flexibility movements to lengthen areas that were targeted...

  • 17min Arms, And & A** (FLEX)

    Props: Hand weights
    This express class with Kelsey, efficiently sculpts all our favorite body parts. This is a great class if you are short on time and want to get that full body burn.

  • 25min Gentle Pilates Mat (FOUNDATION)

    Diana leads you through a 25 min gentle mat class that is postpartum friendly and great for beginners of those wanting to slow it down and treat their bodies kindly.

  • 23min Pilates Mat (FOUNDATION)

    Join Diana as she leads you through a solid foundational class that is great for those new to the method that want to fully understand basic principles, but still deeply work their core.

  • 30min Pilates Mat (FLOW)

    Props: Resistance band
    Karen teaches a creative 30 minute class using the resistance band to both tone and stretch the body.

  • 30min Pilates Mat (FOUNDATION)

    CJ teaches a solid level one class that is great for anyone new to the method or those looking to slow it down and focu on the principles.

  • 30min Primal Flow (FLOW)

    Join CJ for a fun, non-traditional class! Primal flow is a great combination of both strength and stretch and gets you to move your body freely.

  • 12min Advanced Core (FLEX + FOCUS)

    Props: Magic Circle or Fitball
    CJ leads you through a challenging, core focused sequence in this express session. This class gradually builds in its challenge and CJ provides modifications throughout.

  • 10min Express Arms (FOCUS)

    This is a propless, arm focused class taught by Kelsey. This class is great if you want a quick class that is totally arm targeted. Kelsey also ends the class with a few upper body stretches that helps release tension in the spots that were targeted.

  • 12min Express Booty & Abs (FOCUS + FLOW)

    Kelsey teaches a targeted Pilates based mat class that is focused on abs and booty.

  • 10min Core Flow (FOCUS +FLOW)

    Join Kelsey in a quick Pilates based core focused class. This class is great to combine with other express classes or done on its own if you are short on time.

  • 28min Pilates Mat (FLOW)

    Props: Fitball and blanket/pillow
    Marlys, owner of Ara Pilates in Palm Desert, guides you through a solid mid-level class where much of class is focused on strengthening postural muscles that will get you more connected to your spine and body in general.