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  • 20min Intro to Barre (FOUNDATION)

    Props: Barre (countertop of chair back)
    Join Becky for a foundational barre class that is great for those brand new to barre and looking to slowly progress their way into more advanced classes.

  • 30min Free Flow (FLEX & FLOW)

    Props: Makeshift Barre, hand weights, sliders
    Kelsey leads you through a fun, prop filled Free Flow class that incorporates all your favorite elements of barre, Pilates and yoga. In 30 minutes you will get a full body burn and feel empowered to face your day!

  • 25min Standing Barre Flow (FLEX + FLOW)

    Prop: Chair
    This dynamic full body flow targets all the right spots and gets you feeling the burn in just 25 minutes. You will go from standing to kneeling work and finish up with a quick stretch. Enjoy!

  • 15min. Standing Barre Flow (FOCUS & FLOW)

    Prop: Fit Ball & Chair
    Join Becky for a lower body focused Standing Barre class. She creatively uses the fit ball in this class to target the inner thighs, glutes and hamstrings.

  • 30min Free Flow (FLEX)

    Props: Hand Weights
    Ready for a quick full body burn?! Kelsey teaches an accelerated paced class that incorporated hand weights throughout the flow for a firy, full body sequence.

  • 25min Free Flow (FLEX & FLOW)

    Props: hand weights and make shift barre
    Join Becky is an accelerated paced Barre class that is sure to give you that strong and toned feeling a good barre class tends to do. The hand weights are incorporated into the warm-up, then on to the shake inducing barre work, then she finishes it all up...

  • 20min Free Flow (FLEX)

    Kelsey guides you through a quick and effective Free Flow class, sans accessories or barre. All you need is open space and a mat and the mental preparation to get a full body workout done in 20 minutes. Build heat and feel the burn!

  • 40min Free Flow (FLOW)

    Prop: Chair (make-shift barre)
    Kelsey teaches a fun, propless Free Flow class that incorporates all the best elements of Barre, Pilates Mat and Active Flexibility. All you need is your make-shift barre, some open space and 40 minutes to fully connect in with your body. Enjoy!

  • 20min Barre with Sliders (FLEX + FOCUS)

    Props: Sliders
    Kelsey leads you through a standing barre sequence using sliders that is guaranteed to get your legs a little shaky. THis focused class targets the legs, but Kelsey also sneaks in some core work with the sliders at the end. We recommend trying an active flexibility express class be...

  • 60min LIVE Free Flow (FLEX)

    Props: Barre, Sliders and Hand weights
    This LIVE recorded class taught by Kelsey is a burner! In her signature Free Flow class, sliders and hand weights are used to amp up the sculpt and the fun. Barre, Pilates and active flexibility components make up this 60 minute, full body class.

  • LIVE 45min Free Flow (FLEX + FLOW)

    Props: hand weights, fitball, barre (countertop or chair)
    Kelsey’s signature Free Flow class is a dynamic combination of Pilates, barre and active stretching. This is a fun, full body class that will leave you feeling accomplished and a little sweaty at the end.

  • 30min Pilates Mat (FLEX)

    Props: Hand weights + chair
    Marlys, owner of Ara Pilates in Palm Desert, teaches a primarily standing and quadruped, non-traditional Pilates mat class that combines isometric and controlled movements with dynamic movements for a full body, strengthening class.

  • 25min Barre (FLOW)

    Props: Fitball and hand weights
    Kelsey teaches a standing barre flow that is great for those who might be new to barre, yet still be looking for a challenge. Each movement sequence progressively builds from simple to difficult, so you will definitely be feeling the burn in your legs by the end of...

  • 15min Standing Barre (FOCUS + FLOW)

    Props: Barre (chair or countertop)
    Kelsey teaches an express standing barre flow that is great for those who are new to barre and looking to understand foundational movements that are in most of our Barre and Free Flow classes. This class is also great for those wanting a quick workout that is l...

  • 15min Free Flow (FLOW)

    Jessica, owner of Vessel Pilates in Texas, guides you through a 15 minute Pilates, barre, yoga fusion. Great for those short of time and wanting to feel the work, but also get a deep stretch.

  • 15min Standing Barre Flow (FLOW + FOCUS)

    Props: Barre (chair or countertop)
    If you are wanting a quick barre-based sequence that is lower body focused, this is the class for you! Kelsey targets the legs, booty and balance in the session and can be great done on it’s own or added together with a core focused express class.

  • Barre with Marlys (FLOW + FOCUS)

    Props: Blanket & Hand Weights
    Join Marlys for this non-traditional Barre class, that willed you through a full body, strengthening class.