Our Stretch Collection is comprised of classes including active stretching, restorative movement, and breath work. Learn to connect deeper with your body, nourish yourself and allow your body to renew. Small props such as foam rollers, therabands or release balls are commonly used in these classes. Check out the class title and choose your method of release for the day.

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  • 12min Active Flexibility (EXPAND)

    Kelsey guides you through a quick full body stretch that will keep you moving through each movement, focusing on form and mobility. Rotation, lateral side bending and flexion/extension are all included throughout this class - working full ranges of motion.

  • 30min Foam Rolling Release (FLOW)

    Props: Foam roller
    Karen teaches a creative foam rolling class that offers up a full body release. Take 30 minutes away from your desk and give back to yourself with this class!

  • 10min Active Flexibility (EXPAND + FOCUS)

    Kelsey guides you through a full body stretch that targets shoulders, hips and hamstrings.

  • 8min Foot Release (FOCUS)

    Props: Small Release Ball (golf ball/pinky ball/hard bouncy ball)
    Kelsey leads you through a foot fascial release class using a small release ball. Your feet are the base to your body and it’s extremely important to take care of, stretch and strengthen them on the regular!

  • 20min Hip Release (FOCUS)

    Marlys, Owner of Ara Pilates in Palm Desert, guides you through a targeted hip release session that is great to do at the end of a long day or even before a workout.
    Prop: Blanket