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  • 30min Foam Rolling Release (FLOW)

    Props: Foam roller
    Karen teaches a creative foam rolling class that offers up a full body release. Take 30 minutes away from your desk and give back to yourself with this class!

  • 10min Active Flexibility (EXPAND + FOCUS)

    Kelsey guides you through a full body stretch that targets shoulders, hips and hamstrings.

  • 8min Foot Release (FOCUS)

    Props: Small Release Ball (golf ball/pinky ball/hard bouncy ball)
    Kelsey leads you through a foot fascial release class using a small release ball. Your feet are the base to your body and it’s extremely important to take care of, stretch and strengthen them on the regular!

  • 20min Hip Release (FOCUS)

    Marlys, Owner of Ara Pilates in Palm Desert, guides you through a targeted hip release session that is great to do at the end of a long day or even before a workout.
    Prop: Blanket